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We have over 20 years of experience in engaging, exciting and inspiring customers.

Digital cards are a new communication channel and the next generation in customer engagement. 

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We Use Plastic Cards

Yes, we have a loyalty, membership or promotional program that involves physical plastic cards...

...but, I'm interested in reducing production and distribution costs...


...I want to increase engagement with our existing card program...


...I want more people signing up to participate in the program...

These are just some of the things that PassFoundry can help with. Want to know more?

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No Plastic Cards Here!

Nope, we don't use plastic cards, but we do have lots of customers that we want to communicate with and engage...

I'm interested in being GDPR compliant when communicating...


...I wish we could get more engagement for our customers....


...we are market leaders, what can this new digital channel do for us?

Sound like things your organisation might be interested in? Then you have come to the right place! Want to know more?

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So, you are already using Plastic Cards?...

...then you're probably already aware of some of the challenges they present...

No Space Left!

Customer wallets are already crowded with plastic cards and new additions mean decisions… bump an existing card, or bin the new one, neither of which benefit customers. 

With 90% of people in Ireland owning a smartphone and checking these devices 57 times a day on average, this scenario is going to change

High On-going Costs

Frustrated at spending all that money to produce the cards, only to find that people don’t use or value them…?

With 82% of millennials indicating they would be more likely to use a loyalty card if it was on their phone, you’re probably right… But what you might not know is, the alternative is cheaper… 

Generic & Impersonal

Is your card just like everyone else’s… Generic information and a couple of contact numbers and maybe a link to a website or email?

Impersonal, generic cards do not resonate with customers and are usually the first ones to be assigned to a drawer or discarded to the bin. 

Where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. Digital cards offer solutions to the common challenges with traditional plastic card programs...

Endless Space

Digital wallets on smartphones can store unlimited digital cards. PassFoundry creates engaging digital cards that leverage numerous features that are not unavailable with physical plastic cards.

Low Cost

The beauty of the digital alternative from PassFoundry is that the cost to create and distribute is a fraction of their physical counterparts. Because the cards are instantly updatable at the click of a button, you can refresh cards as often as you like, with ZERO extra cost.


Data on digital cards can be instantly and seamlessly updated to reflect your customer’s latest information.

...but Digital Cards can do a lot more too!...

"With PassFoundry, we were able to roll-out digital membership cards to compliment our existing physical ones in no time."

Paul Clerkin - Head of IT
Irish Life Health

How can I better engage my customers?

You have a great product and want your customers to continue to use it. But that isn't always as simple as it sounds to accomplish! Do any of the following sound familiar?...

e-Mail Campaigns

You have tried e-mail campaigns, but so few people seem to read them. Others have explicitly opted out of recieving e-mail from you at all.

SMS Messages

Just like with e-Mail campaigns, you find that SMS campaigns are equally ineffective. Worse still, they cost quite a bit when you factor in network charges.

GDPR Compliance

You are committed to continuing to communicate with your customers, but you are quite concerned about how the new GDPR regulations will impact you.

Rich Website or Mobile App

You have invested in creating a rich website or mobile app experience for your customers. But many never register and those that do don't login as frequentley as you would like.

Up-front cost

You want to do something for your customers, but the cost of creating a rich mobile App or Website  to support all modern devices is prohibitive.

Embrace Innovation

You are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with and engage your customers. A multi-pronged approach typically reaches more people!

Digital cards are a completely new communication channel that customers love. The cards are always with them (on their smart-phones), always up-to-date with the latest information and completely frictionless.

Do you ♥ technology!

In the past 10 years, most industries have experienced radical disruption. Everything is going digital. Everything is becoming simpler and more customer-centric.

It won't be long until young children see a physical wallet and ask 'What's That?'.

What Could Digital Cards do for You?

When thinking of Digital Cards, don't think of them as in any way similar to the physical plastic cards that you might have in your wallet today! Digital cards are completely different. 

Digital Cards are a completely new communication channel!

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Personalised & Limitless

A digital card can be completely personalised to the individual, including a personalised brand and content if required. Best of all, there is no limit to the amount of information that a digital card can hold.

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Pull not Push

Most traiditional communication mechanisms rely on information being 'pushed' to the customer. This can frustrate customers if you get the frequency wrong. With digital cards, the latest information is always there when the customer needs it.

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Always up to date

With digital cards, you can keep them constantly updated with the latest information. The customer doesn't need to do anything. They just know that when they look at their card, they always see correct and up-to-date information.


Always with you, always in your digital wallet. No usernames or passwords to remember.


Completely secure as stored safely in the secure digital wallet on your smartphone. 

Alerts & Notifications

When something important needs attention, alert the customer on their device lock screen.

Location Aware

Tell the customer when they get close to a product or service or offer that may be of interest to them.

Streamline & Simplify

Enable a customer's digital card to simplify the process of registration or login to your app or website.


Integrate digital cards with you app's and on-line experience to promote their use and make it easy for customers to access them.

Expiration & Renewal

Automatically alert customers if an important date is approaching, such as the date when a policy is expiring.


Place individualised special offers or promotional content on customers cards so they always know what is available to them.


Utilise barcodes or NFC enabled digital cards to allow customers to interact with the physical world using your digital cards.

show me some examples!

Digital Card Examples

The art of the possible! Explore our examples of digital card capabilities being put to practical use!

Curious to see what a digital card for you business might look like? Interested in exploring it's capabilities and how they might drive your business objectives? Contact us, we would love to explore with you!

What We Do

First and foremost, we are all about customer experience and engagement. The new communication channel afforded by Digital Cards presents interesting and exciting possibilities to achieve this. We don't just produce digital cards, we work with you to deliver a new and engaging experience for your customers. 


We work with you to explore the 'art of the possible' for your new digital cards.


We create sample cards and try them out with customers. Then we incorporate their feedback.


From manual to a fully automated solution, we work with you and make it happen.


Our analytics & insights allow you to see how people are engaging and inform refinement over time.

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